God’s will—> Unfolds

Nothing can DETERMINE your future here on earth. Who you will be, what you will do, where you will go, etc… the choices you make and what you decide to invest into can very much set you up for your future, but they can’t make that final decision. 

Your future is played out moment by moment. Choice by choice. Divine intervention by divine intervention. You might run into someone one day, then decide that you are going to travel across the world because of the very conversation you had with that person. Then while on the flight you may run into someone or something that will altar your direction just slightly. Then you might take a course or go back to school and decide “this” inspires you, and then you start practicing whatever it is that brought “passion” back. Then BOOM… what do you notice? All of a sudden you will find… it’s happening… right before your eyes… the path is looking a little more clear… a little less daunting… You now know the next step to take. 

The path unfolds… this is how God designed it. One step of faithful obedience after another.

Peace of mind for you today: You, my friend have all your life to DISCOVER (live out) your future/your purpose. 🖤

You can’t change tomorrow. The only moment you have the power to change is right here— right now. 

You are not in a rush. Take your time. Choose to live in the PRESENT. It will be so worth it! 

Your future is bright, and the path is already lit… what does He expect of you? Baby steps.

Published by: Rebekah Clearwater

In a world of noise, writing is the catalyst that drives my focus back to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and reminds me of the hope I have in Him— nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.

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