Fear— False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. 

I recently read a book about fear. The author said, “fear is misplaced worship.” I think she hit the nail smack on the head with that statement. When we are afraid, our minds are not set on Christ, what He’s done for us and what He will do. No, we are worshipping something other. We are setting our gaze on the storm ahead, on the waves crashing into the boat, not on Jesus, our sustainer.

What I’m grateful for today… The graciousness of our Lord to let us do life moment by moment, day by day, one act of faith after another. Really each day prepares us for the next. As thy days so they strength shall be (Deuteronomy 33:25). That’s how we take each step, remembering that He will give us strength for the next one and the next. 

The joy of the Lord is our strength! ❤️

Published by: Rebekah Clearwater

In a world of noise, writing is the catalyst that drives my focus back to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and reminds me of the hope I have in Him— nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.

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