What will your legacy be?
(What will people remember you by?)

Will it be that oh she was super skinny, and a really big health freak. She had a lot of self control.

Or that oh she’s a pretty girl, beautiful on the outside, but it only went skin deep. Oh and she usually wore bright red lipstick.

Or will people say that oh she was nice, pretty friendly, but was a people pleaser.

Oh but she had nice legs, and good style, but she tried too hard.

Or would they say that oh she was pretty honest, but kind of negative, and she always seemed to have something to complain about.

Oh and she drove a nice car, and seemed to possess a lot, but didn’t have much time for others.

Oh but she was pretty tall, 5’7″ and had blue eyes, but seemed kind of sad.

Or that oh she had nice teeth, and good skin, long blonde hair, that was pretty much always curly, but she took too many selfies.

Oh but she seemed strong, and was at the gym a lot, but she wasn’t very confident, and she looked in the mirror too much.

Oh and I think she went to church, she cared about people, but not enough to put them above herself.

But she had a nice body…

What will your legacy be?
(What do you want it to be?)

Christ was her life

Oh she was stunning, but not because of anything she did, just cause Christ was in her. Her eyes were bright and she was full of hope. Her faith did not waver. She believed in her good Father, that He works everything out for good and He is faithful! She stood on His promises, and believed what He said about her. She loved so well, there was just something different about her. She absolutely adored to sing unto the Lord. She had grace for all. Her presence was so welcoming and she was exploding with joy. After being around her, you just couldn’t help but thank God for the work He had completed in her. She was full of thankfulness and ALWAYS gave God the credit, the praise, the adoration. She was the greatest encourager I know, so thoughtful and so satisfied in the Lord. She loved the simple things. Christ was enough for her and she knew that He was for her. Even in the discouragement she ALWAYS turned to Christ to be her strength, her answer, her peace, to work it all out, and bring it to full circle. She trusted in her Provider to supply all her needs. She knew the love of her Father and she was fully content, well pleased in Him.

She was beautiful…

Published by: Rebekah Clearwater

In a world of noise, writing is the catalyst that drives my focus back to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and reminds me of the hope I have in Him— nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.

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One thought on “WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE?”

  1. Wow, such wise words! Thank you for causing me to think critically about what im investing energy into and what I’m making into my legacy.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with bold authenticity on this blog. God is a redeeming God! He is using your experience to speak truth and hope into so many people’s lives. You are reflecting light into dark places!


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